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Peggy Wig Black Klassisiche Bouffant Wig with updo The on-teased hair black wig Peggy is a classic among the hairstyles and experienced every now and then a comeback.Anyone familiar with the hairstyle is not from the chain smokers wife Peg of known TV-shoe seller Al Bundy.By Peggy hairstyle as Carnival wig you will for witty cult figure.Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham. Jackie Kennedy and Hillary Clinton are also carriers who send Bouffant hairstyle and let these never really go out of fashion.generateSeoLink('16167')}] lend you your character a discreet makeup. 1 x Peggy Wig Color: Black Size: adult .
Package Included: 1 x Peggy wig
Colour: Black
Size: Adults
Iconic's Fancy Dress Wig

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