Character Abstract Couple Painting by Numbers Butterfly Flower Coloring by Numbers



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Tips on Painting1.Only open one color at a time and paint all areas with that color. 2.Please cover the lid of paint well when you do not use it. in case the paint gets dry. 3.The figures on the canvas may not be covered entirely. hope you do not mind. 4. The paint we offer is enough for the normal use. please do not waste it in case of the paint shortage. 5.Make sure you cover all the areas and don't leave white spaces between blocks of color. One of the worst mistakes an artist can make is leaving white spaces. 6.Paint the smallest areas first. just so you don't accidentally cover them up. 7.If you are an experienced painter. you can ignore the color regulations and use your own colors. 8. If you happen to have the paint on your clothes. please wash it immediately.
Size: 50x40(cm) 20x16(inch). Kits Including: Canvas. Brushes. Paints
High Quality Painting Brushes and Safe Acrylic Paints. Easy-to-Follow Instructions. Pre-Printed Textured Art Canvas
How to Do: The match the numbers of the paint and the figures on the canvas to fill in the paint
Education and Relax: To be patient. enhance the intellgence and interesting in drawing. both for adult and kids share the interaction. and relax yourself
Attention: The paint by number kits is frameless . The canvas will be folded for transport. you can use the ironing machine to recover it